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Published on 7-19-2022

Certified Body Shop for Luxury Vehicles in Redmond

 It can be hard to find a body shop you can trust with your luxury vehicle. It's especially hard to find a certified body shop for luxury vehicles in Redmo......

Published on 6-14-2022

Certified Land Rover Collision Repair in Redmond

 Queen City Auto Rebuild is the only Certified Land Rover Collision Repair in Redmond WA. We specialize in Land Rover repair, including Range Rover and Dis......

Published on 5-13-2022

Auto Body Shop in Redmond That Specializes in Luxury Vehicles

  Many people are surprised to learn that there is a car body shop in Redmond, WA that specializes in luxury vehicles. Queen City Auto Rebuild is the one a......

Published on 4-12-2022

How to Take Care of Your Porsche

You bought a porsche, congrats! you are now the owner of a luxury car. your porsche is special, and as such, you need to do something special to keep it running......

Published on 3-11-2022

Get Your Car Repaired At Queen City Auto Rebuild In Redmond

Getting into an accident can be one of the most stressful things that happens to you. After all, your car was dented and smashed, and you may have even been inj......

Published on 5-16-2021

The paint match and blend is flawless

 After going to several other well known shops in the area over the last few years, I've learned Queen City is the best. They were recommended to me by my ......

Published on 5-6-2021

Queen city is one of the best, if not the best body shop in the greater Seattle metro area

 I have been going to Queen City since my first accident back in 2003.  I've been referring people to Queen city ever since.  I've known the owne......

Published on 10-7-2020

Highly recommend Steve Bourgeois

Highly recommend Steve Bourgeois he will go above and beyond ask for him if you ever go to Queen city.The best advisor I have ever dealt with.  I had a bad......

Published on 3-11-2020

They have the same standards that any good petrol head has

 Queen City repaired my 1994 Range Rover Classic after it had been hit while it was parked.  Queen City was extremely thorough with their initial insp......

Published on 3-11-2020

These guys have gone far above and beyond meeting my expectations

 These guys have gone far above and beyond meeting my expectations. My Audi A8 was rear ended with minor damages but still needing fixed. From my first pho......

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