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How to Fix Minor Paint Scratches on Your Porsche

Published on Oct 25 2022

 There are a number of ways to fix minor paint scratches on your Porsche. There are also a number of products that you can use to protect the paint finish on your car. Here are some tips and tricks to help you maintain the beauty and value of your Porsche.

Use a Paint Polishing Kit

The first step in repairing minor paint scratches on your Porsche is using a paint polishing kit. Many auto parts stores sell these kits for around $10. The kit comes with a polish and either a buffer or sandpaper pad, depending on whether you want to polish out scratches or buff out scratches. Follow the instructions on the box for best results.

Use Liquid Wax

Liquid wax can help protect the surface of your car from dirt and pollutants. It also helps hide minor scratches and chips in the paint job so they're not as noticeable. This gives you more time before having to take further action like repainting or replacing damaged panels or wheels altogether. Liquid waxes are available at most auto parts stores as well as many home improvement stores like Lowe's or Home Depot.

If the project feels a little too much for you to handle, please bring your precious ride in to our facility here in Redmond. Queen City Auto Rebuild is ready to provided professional assistance!