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Auto Body Shop in Redmond That Specializes in Luxury Vehicles

Published on May 13 2022

  Many people are surprised to learn that there is a car body shop in Redmond, WA that specializes in luxury vehicles. Queen City Auto Rebuild is the one and only certified collision repair facility in Redmond for many of the luxury high end vehicles. We have been working on some of the highest quality cars for over 40 years and our technicians have all been trained by the manufacturers themselves.

Our technicians have also been trained in many different methods from around the world to ensure that we can handle any type of repair needed on your vehicle. This means that if you have a luxury vehicle, we have the knowledge and tools to get it back into shape again.

We specialize in repairing cars like Audi, Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, and other luxury brands. We have a team of experts that can handle any type of collision repair work. You will never have to worry about paying more than what is quoted to you. Our goal is to make sure every customer is satisfied with our services. Plus, you get that peace of mind knowing that the repair is manufacturer certified.

We are located in Redmond, WA which is just north of Seattle, WA in King County. If you’re looking for a great body shop that has years of experience repairing luxury vehicles then look no further than Queen City Auto Rebuild!